Expression2 request thread

Hi facepunch

I’ve decided that in my free time I will make E2’s for you guys, I’m not a expert but I’m extremely good at e2, except I’m rubbish with applyforce and I’m not taking applyforce request

No ApplyForce Requests

I will do anything else like console screens, derma e2, holograms, radio/ sound players and anything else you guys can think of.


Yeah no. You stole the idea of divrans thread…

No I didn’t, divians thread is very good. I’m trying to help aswell people so get out of my thread if your going to say I stole his idea.

Hmm. Add me on steam. We (Me, you and divran) can have a chat. You could probebly merge the threads together into 1.

Do I know you or something? Are you any good with e2

I could buy a cheap domain and set it up on my account, just for e2 requests and posting your work.

No, this thread just seems pointless when you were already answering requests in the other thread.

Not really, I may help someone get up if they fall over, someone else may do the same, dosent mea I have to move out the area.

Same princible

No, completely different princible.

Someones helping some else up, you don’t need to jump in and help to, they’ve been helped.

I mean 2 different victims.

Now back on topic: Any requests?

If you’re going to try and look smart by using analogies, at least know how to fucking spell your analogy. And yes, I un-blocked you just because I enjoy pissing you off and arguing that much. Seriously Noodle/ PK owner/ whatever the fuck you want to be called. Making this kind of thing is not a way to get people to like you, hijacking thread ideas is a asshole-ish thing to do, and if your only response to someone criticizing your thread is “No, get out”, then you seriously need to learn to argue.

You don’t even seem that good at E2, flaunting yourself as a pro gets you hated, which you do a lot. I’m not saying I’m any good, but at least I don’t run around spouting “I am GUD, u suk bow 2 mi”.

On a more critical note because I know Benji enjoys banning me so much recently (:v:): If you are going to make a request thread, at least have some damn content, have some example code, have some template code, have SOMETHING to show that you are capable of doing things, put up templates for simple crap like colourers, or a applyforce example so people won’t be requesting them, as they can learn it themselves, or a damn tutorial.

Ok, im joining a server now. ill take my expressions and post a few here.

(some will be good and others will be my first few e2’s)

Same here, lol :v:

Unblocked you aswell, now lets be nice

Ok, Allow me gentlemen,
I need a Chip that when i attach to a prop, Will output its XYZ co-ordinates and is direction of Aim, for say, i wanted to put a grabber/turret on it, but i also need it to be mouse controlled from the direction of Aim from the Chip, not my aimpos, in a way like this:
Mouse moves left, prop moves left, Regardless of where i am standing, I can do this but it seems to aim where i am aiming, which is not what i want…

I said no applyforce please


Or would you just like it to output the props x,y,z?

No, he wants it to use applyForce or applyangForce.

That’s what most people will want in an E2, because it’s the funnest and most interesting part of it…

I can try :buddy: Accept some of the ApplyForce requests, not the stupid ones. Mainly the ones that would have a use such as a turning system or something, not the prop-kill oriented crap.

Ok, tommorow i will start learning applyforce and applyAngForce

if u have time for a lonely server owner like me then i have a request i wish to be filled

i tryed having my friend teach me to make a e2 stalker and i didnt get it he siad quote “its like teaching a rock to fly” hes funny that way though…

any way to the point

i need an old e1 i wrote turned into a e2 with an added function
here it is

N@vector stalker
I@Lx Ly Lz D
O@Tx Ty Tz MUL

X = extposx()
Y = extposy()
Z = extposz()

Tx=(X - Lx)
Ty=(Y - Ly)
Tz=(Z - Lz)

MUL=(D > 200 & D < 1800000 ? 1:0 )
this was my e1 stalker that used vector thrusters and i want it in an e2 format but i still want the x y z outputs and i need it to have a target finder function(one with x y z and distance outputs like a real one)
and mabye throw in a keep upright function too?
lx ly lz are just shortend forms of locatorx and so on
Tx Ty Tz are the thruster outputs