Expression2 Section??

I think there should be an Expression2 section that have like Tutorials for Expression2 and stuff. I mean it would be awesome if there was :slight_smile: i hope you guys make one.


Also, how about pulling the E2-dildo out of your ass and learn lua instead?

You aren’t very bright are you?

I would learn lua if there were good fucking gmod lua tutorials dumbass. And i got banned from from the fucking smartallick so shut it.



If you got banned there you must have been a pretty dumbass.

Maybe u should get ur head out of ur ass and see the world u fucking shit head

(User was banned for this post ("Trolling/flaming" - Lithifold))

No u.

Why the hell did you post this in the lua releases section?
Thats rather stupid, this aint a release, and it barely has anything to do with lua.


If you got banned from Wiremod Forums, then you must be more dumb than my ass. While here on FP we have several more than idiot admins, Wiremod got the best ones.
And also, why are you asking it here? Go and learn Lua. There ARE good Lua tutorials, you only have to do a fucking 2-click search on the GMod wiki.

Take your immaturity to the wiremod forums.

I am very tired of seeing threads asking about wiremod, on facepunch.

This thread sums up lua coders vs E2 people.

Lua coders are calm smart guys for the most part.
E2 are all immature 8 year olds.

Well, I like E2, as it is simple and easy to use, but this forum isn’t the place to discuss it. And no, I am not 8 year old :smiley:


Thanks finally a person who actually knows how to comment :). BTW i aint 8 and i looked at all the lua tutorials on Gmod Wiki so yea. Thanks again.

Uh-huh. From your above posts, you contradicted yourself.


They also have trouble accepting that E2 is just an inefficient wrapper for Lua, is not a programming language of any description and is used mainly for mingery.

Sigh guys E2 is made from lua (of course) and plus it aint just for minges not every one is a minge only if people can accept that. Okay Expression2 is fun and plus it helps you get the hang of coding.

Why does it matter? Both E2 and Lua are tools. You use them if they are useful. No point to get religious over such an asinine matter.

Most of the Lua coders are calm and fairly smart.
Some are dumb but they’ll eventually either quit or become calm and smart.

And finally, there are the guys who are legendary, such as LuaPineapple or Rick Dark - they’re so awesome they don’t need to be calm, smart or even polite.

And the E2 guys are all little kids like my cousin.

Sigh i can tell you’r a kid lol please stop it. Lua and E2 are the fucking same jesus christ. Kids like you make me go crazy.