Expression2 Section??

Ahahah. No. E2 is useless, Lua is not.

With the e2 you can start learn to coding and prepare for lua. :wink:

Yes, of course I’m a kid. never seen a 15-year-old who’s not a kid.
Anyway, why does a bit of sarcasm make you crazy? And where’s your grammar, wasn’t I supposed to be the kid here? :downs:


Lol well now i know you’r a nerd “Grammar”. Nice hahahahahahahahaaha and im a nerd and i dont need to know grammar XD how fail of you


wat diz gy imaturtie si os fammy

Even though you might think you don’t need to use correct grammar on the internets, people on Facepunch will probably consider you less annoying if you do.

I used to be a worse grammar nazi than I am now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Does ANYONE know how to stay on topic? I guess not.

This is unbelievable! The claims of maturity followed by weak insults. Garry’s Mod is about building in the way that you want, Expression2 may aid that or it can be used for mingery, same goes for lua (you’ve got to love those aimbots!) and trying to constraint someone’s building because they use an addon that you don’t like is just silly. If you don’t like E2 don’t use it or go to a server that has it disabled, there are several. I have more against people who use contraptions than people who at least try to build on their own in their chosen way.

Ah, splendid, you finally started using correct grammar.

And now, to answer the original question; No, I don’t think we need an E2 section on Facepunch. In my opinion the one on is good enough.

A compromise would be a subforum in the contraption section… .

But the result will be that every shitty noob posts his 15 second code he just made to annoy other players.

Also this would just distribute minge e2’s.

Why is this in the lua release section??!!

Why are you bumping this thread?

Goob job bumping shit thread.