Expression2: Simple Applyforce forward code

given my luck on getting answers for this sort of stuff on previous forums this is a long shot.

Can someone please whip me up a brief piece of code using apply force or any other method that would make entity “E” propel itself forward in its local forward direction as such a way as thrusters would.

the code doesnt have to be perfect just in black in white. I will add triggers and other variables to it myself.

You haven’t been getting help because you need to post this sort of stuff in the Developer Discussion sub-forum.

E:applyForce( E:forward() * E:mass() * SomeMultiplier )


E:applyForce( E:toWorldAxis( vec( fw, rg, up ) ) )

Cheers! your help is much appreciated although i could of sworn i tried similar codes to no avail.