ExpressionGate 2 Help - GPS Bearing Timing!

Hello, I just got back to playing Gmod after 2 years of being off of it, it’s so new and I lost all my E2’s and addons and etc, I got back wiremod and my addons but I forgot how to do Expression Gate 2 for the GPS timing for my engines. But I can relearn that easily, my main problem was… How did I find out what angles I need?!
I always had a bad problem of not knowing how to find my angles for my engine, so the timing was always off. I roped the correctly, but I didn’t know which one to hook up and how to get the angle… Is there any video or tutorial for that?
Just, how to find angles…

Just for demonstration, Mrwhite's E2 (Youtube: Mwhite112393)

@name engine_base
@inputs GPS:vector On Throttle
@outputs RPM
@persist A B C T Idle Bearing
@trigger all




What do I put for the angles? For example, if I want a V8, what do I put the angles as for the engine? Also, how do I find out how to calculate what angles I need?

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Also, if you could, help me relearn E2 GPS Bearings? Thanks!
(It seems obsurd, but I learned once, I can do it again.)+