Expressions 2

i saw this guy doing some expressions stuff and he made it so there was a cigarette in his mouth and a cigar can you please help me help me i’m still a noob at wire or expressions whatever but i need help PLEASE!!!

He was most likely using 3D holograms.

Expression 2 resources:

Expression 2 Tutorial list
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3D Holograms

but he was like walking around with it can you walk around and still do all that stuff with holograms and stuff?

yes, read the manuals its not that difficult

To silence any further questions, here’s what you can do with holograms pertaining to all that you may need to have a holo-cig.

[ul]They can be “parented” to entities, and bones (Parts of a ragdoll’s or player’s body), meaning they’re essentially welded to that entity or part of the body. However, parents are stronger and generally more effective.
[li]They can be set a certain size[/li][li]They can be set a certain shape[/li][li]They can be set a certain material/color[/li][/ul]