Exsto, installation

can some 1 help me installing exsto, every time i do it it go’s wron ! :frowning:

it wont work :stuck_out_tongue: where ever i put it , addons , lua , main directory !

Please help me ( add me on steam please )


Thanks , hope some 1 can help me out ! :frowning:



srry help please ;(

Use better grammar and spelling so you won’t look like such an idiot.

Sorry, But im from holland and only 13 years old So my english is not that good i’m sorry

Has nothing to do with your level. It is the fact you are writing like dis & its ghettin ann0y1ng

oke , i will do my best to write better, Sorry

Haha level? you mean age?

Lol forget it im going back to evovle :stuck_out_tongue: