Exsto - Modular Administration


Redid the OP to become more simple, to reduce the mildly induced panic by this large OP.


Exsto: A slightly overly-complex, advanced modular administration system. Exsto stands for “To Stand Out” in the lovely base language, Latin; and Exsto has earned that title. To be simple, here are the features.

[li]Hot plugging ranks system. You can create ranks, edit ranks, and delete ranks through a GUI in game, and the changes are live.
[/li][li]Live plugin variable system. You can customize the plugins to what you desire.
[/li][li]Plug and Play style plugin system. Plugins can be unloaded and reloaded dynamically during the game.
[/li][li]Unique saving methods. To simply put, you can save locally, or save across servers. (Using MySQLoo)
[/li][li]Protected loading and calling of plugin functions. No more complete failure with a run-away plugin.
[/li][li]Multiple commits per week. Always up-to-date.
[/li][li]A complete in-game GUI to access Exsto’s unique functions.
[/li][li]Chat and Console commands for those who are in the dark ages.


I’m not going to bore you with development if you are just a user who wants this, so I cut this section short. If you want to know about developing for Exsto, it includes a “how_do_I_make_a_plugin.lua” plugin, which documents almost every piece of plugin management. Heres a feature list of Exsto plugins.

[li]So many convinence functions your head will explode. No need to worry about the big things, just the basics.
[/li][li]Incredibly basic hooking functions. All core things are checked before the plugin is called, so you just add your code.
[/li][li]Protected calling of all hooks and command runs. If your plugin is run-away, Exsto will stop it in its tracks.
[/li][li]All gamemode hooks can be called using PLUGIN:HookName().
[/li][li]Plugins are objects; metatables, which allow them to be used as such with Exsto unloading and loading.

List of notable plugins.
Aside from all the general administration stuff, here is a few and their descriptions.
[li]Chat - A custom chat that is used in place of the old Garry’s Mod one.
[/li][li]Grave Death - A grave falls out of the sky and lands where you die. Worms rip.
[/li][li]Rank Editor - A GUI rank editor that can edit the Exsto ranks real time.
[/li][li]Help Menu - A menu page that contains a whole list of FAQ help, loaded from an offsite server.
[/li][li]Plugin Reloading - A plugin that allows dynamic reloading of plugins.

I want to put my plugin in Exsto.
PM me, post it here, hold a gun on my head, do whatever to get my attention. If it’s good, I’ll add it. If you continue to make good plugins, I’ll give you commit.



These videos are incredibly old! Please do not base these videos on what you should expect in Exsto. Look at the pictures below.

This video is a demonstration for what it is like on your first join with Exsto. It shows chat commands, and various other stuff.

This demonstration shows the Exsto menu, with the playerlist and other stuff, and also shows brief rank changing.

This demonstration shows how to create and edit ranks, and how they are real time and can be applied without a server restart.


For those who don’t know how to perform some actions in Exsto, a help menu was created, and this is a demonstration of it.



[img_thumb]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/717734/Exsto/Exsto%20Forum%20Pictures/Chat1.png[/img_thumb] [img_thumb]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/717734/Exsto/Exsto%20Forum%20Pictures/newChat2.png[/img_thumb]
Hey, why the hell is some text different colors?
For those who want to know how awesome it is, friends have the goldish color, and the chat supports @twitter style messages, which are in blue, and they also flash.[/release]



[img_thumb]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3913710/Exsto%20Screenshots/Rank%20Editor.png[/img_thumb] [img_thumb]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3913710/Exsto%20Screenshots/Ban%20List.png[/img_thumb]


**Trunk SVN ** - http://exsto.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/

**Trunk ZIP ** -

The trunk zip is updated at the top of every hour.

Once you are inside the server, Exsto should say hello and do its meet and greet process with you. In a listen server, you can skip this step; you should already be set as the srv_owner. On a dedicated server, run the following command through RCON or the dedicated server console:

exsto rank *YOUR NAME HERE* srv_owner

Replace YOUR NAME HERE with your garrys mod name, it can be partial or full.

Starting the Menu:
You can either open the menu in two ways. One way, is toggle based through a console command; which allows you to easily use the advanced features in the menu. To open the menu via toggle, type the following into chat.


You can also use it via a hold-down bind. Run the code below to achieve that effect.

bind *key* +ExMenu

Replace key with the key you want to use, like p or k

To change pages, all you do is either click on the Exsto logo, which will make a little list, or click on the green arrows to the right of the menu.

Chat and console commands are incredibly easy and self-explanatory to use. For example, if you wish to kick asshat for runining your life, run the following command.

exsto kick asshat You are ruining my life man!

With Exsto, you do not need to provide a full name for player targeting to work.
Also, for ending arguments such as in the above command, you do not need to place it into a string. You can if you want, but it isn’t required.

PLEASE – Report bugs at the issues page, it helps me a lot.

MySQL oo - If you want to use MySQL with Exsto. - http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=933647
Gatekeeper - If you want a more advanced kick/ban. - http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=695636

If you want to use MySQL inside FEL, you need to do the following steps.

  1. Get the MySQLoo module.
  2. Start up Exsto and let it run once, then check your data folder.
  3. Inside your data folder is an ‘exsto_setting.txt’ open it.
  4. Set MySQL to true, then change all the login information to correspond with yours.

There are so many of you, I might forget one. If you helped me in any way, please, don’t be hesitant to scream fuck you in this thread. I’ll put you in.
Hatred - For being awesome, and provided Lua tips along the way.
Wenli - Getting my mind prepped for release.
aVoN - For some question stuff.
Overv - Motivational competition and helping me find some weird hook bug.
[DI] Cloudhunter - For hosting a Exsto testing and bug server.
Stylee32 - Epic hosting job.
nicatronTg - For amazing bug testing while Exsto was in beta.

Even bigger thanks goes to
The Dark-Ice Community - For providing awesome support in this project, as well as a huge feature list and ideas out of nowhere.
The SGC Clan - For sticking with me and was the first to officially host Exsto on their servers. Special thanks goes to Alteran for features/ideas/testing and 50.KAL for pushing me to fix bugs.
Nodex - Hey guys.

And to all the others who found Exsto somehow, and tested it. (and tried to sell it)
This person is probably the most talented designer I’ve ever met. Hopefully, he has posted below this thread. GIVE HIM EVERY ARTISTIC, NOT ME He was the genius behind the design scheme in Exsto, which really completes it. Without his design skills, this project wouldn’t be finished and you wouldn’t even be reading this.

It’s been a good, long project but I loved working on this,
have fun using this guys.

Good job, Prefan! Sorry I don’t play much with you anymore, I fried my graphics card. Still need to get another.

Only because you’re so cute. (:

Great work prefan… a much deserved release.



wow, this is smoooooooth

The menus look so nice it looks like VB!

Now that’s something I would proudly run on my server, not this useless ULX crap.

Hey I remember this, you had it running on a darkrp server. I loved that grave effect thing. This looks good, I’ll be sure to try it out when it’s released.

Looks very nice. Gonna give it a try when it gets released!

I don’t mean to ask for an ETA, but by the looks of it, it’s getting close to release. Any idea when this is? I’d happily host it on my server in it’s current state, buggy or not.

Looking forward to this :slight_smile:

Looks fantastic, will be sure to use this if I ever host a sandbox server.

I’m aiming for the 22nd of this month. If you want to host it right now, PM me and I’ll probably send you the SVN/ZIP.

I can safely say that Exsto has been a pretty good experience for us, and because we caught most of the early bugs, you shouldn’t have to worry about them when it comes to prime time.

5 stars to Prefan. (Plus 1 Artistic too, just to be difficult!)

This is awesome.

i’ll be putting this on my sb and testing it out, so if anyone wants to join once its setup feel free

Looks nice, but it’s not a good idea to package custom chatboxes. Will break a considerable number of scripts unless you’re careful.

I just tried it out. Every thing is nice and smooth. Even the chatbox (really nice work on that!) It doesn’t seem to break anything in the gamemods I tested. (The most common).

This looks like a very good admin mod.

Can’t wait for this to be released.

It’s been a good time Prefan.
Moaning at you about what should be done, but overall, I’m pleased, and I’m sure others will be pleased with the final outcome.
Have a wrench :slight_smile: