Exsto - Modular Administration

I took the time to make sure it wouldn’t break anything. If it does indeed become a problem, server owners (eventually clients?) can disable it.

I almost broke something when I saw it wasn’t released.

Anyway, it looks amazing. Usable, Moddable and Sexy. I like it, good work.

Chat commands are sooo gmod9. I’m just saying.

Ah. By the way, you forgot to post a link to the SVN.

Very, very sleek. Looks really amazing.

Exsto isn’t released yet, but it will be by the 22nd.

That might be because he hasn’t released it yet…

I just saw

And assumed a beta SVN was out. Obviously not.

Yeah, I admit, thats pretty deceiving.

I’m going to change the picture in a second to something else, then swap it back on release.

There has to be something magical about chat commands since a lot of users want them and most admin mods have them. Not because they can’t make a GUI, but because people want them.

We have made a scoreboard that runs console commands on players. I think this is the quickest way you can execute commands on someone without entering any arguments, with things that require arguments we use chat commands simply because it’s much faster than opening some menu, finding the player inside the menu, select the command and write whatever arguments.

This would all be easier if I just typed !kick caps, spam

You can always have both, chat commands and some other method. So what I’m saying is chat commands are good for commands that require arguments while commands such as slay could be implemented in something like a scoreboard.

Whoops my bad, edited my post. I meant ‘chat’.

Since the introduction of VGUI to Garry’s Mod, IMO developers should focus less on chat commands and more on interactive menus. I understand chat commands are normally just a proxy for a console command, but flexing the strength of your admin mod with chat command demonstrations doesn’t show any strength at all.

Powerful, robust menus are always going to be the best way to interact with the game. What would you rather do to launch a game: double-click an icon on your desktop or open the command prompt, type “c:\program files\developer\game.exe”. Autocomplete or not, the former is the obvious choice.

Its noted that your addon allows for plugins and a plugin could be developed to further enhance the menu system, but thats like saying I can download an app to add a desktop to my console based OS. It should be an integral part of the system and not something tacked on at the end.


I too have noticed the preferential usage of chat commands over menus, but I don’t think its a fundamental problem with the menu system. I strongly believe that no one has developed a menu-based admin mod that does it right.

Good thing I read that wrong cause you actually meant chat.

-double post-

Foszor, I am completely open to suggestions on a type of menu. Me and Spart are still experimenting in ways to have a quick and easy menu. Currently, we are thinking about adding some brief admin controls into the scoreboard, but other than that, I am up to suggestions.

It’s probably better to not integrate a scoreboard. Far too many gamemodes and communities use their own scoreboard, which is designed for their specific uses.

Having an optional one might be a good idea, though.

It would be as a plugin, like the chat.

Just have a separate scoreboard-like menu that you open with +something

Try to make it so you don’t have to press more than once (such as opening a collapsed menu or a tab) unless it’s something that require arguments. Just like a scoreboard where most is visible.

Maybe you could have something like predefined arguments. A button that require arguments could pop up a DermaMenu() (right click menu, context menu or whatever) with something like (for kick) “spam”, “asshole” and so on. Kind of like assmod’s predefined args.

This seems a bit flashy

The menu looks kind of pretty, but contrary to what everyone else has been posting, I don’t really think this is super-revolutionary or anything. I do think the name is terrible though.

I agree 100%. The only thing this has that other admin mods don’t is a lack of ugly.