Extended Mag

Wondering the meaning of 5th attachment slot on guns, and everyone knows that there is only 4 attachmend mods ingame. Maybe the 5th could be extended mag?


Great input there. It’s obvious to everyone it’s Alpha stage. This guy was just suggesting an idea. I guess all your 130 posts are well worth reading like this one…

Extended mag would rule

The bolt action rifle will have an extended mod

Extended Mag Mod is a good idea I think. :slight_smile:


Alpha indeed. And a suggestion.

Good knowing ya! Be on the look out for a BAN in your imminent future.

In regards to the original post, I don’t know if an extended mag would fit in the game. Keep in mind that most of the military grade weapons will be gone in the final/near-final version. The game will (hopefully) have more primitive weapons like the hand canon. Extended mags, awesome scopes are probably not gonna be there by the time of final release.

You fucking idiots it has already been suggested. Look before you post.

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - MaxOfS2D))

Stay calm plz… -.-

We’re planning to, at some point (hopefully soon!) add a tonne of attachments that do all sorts of things like increase magazine size, tradeoff recoil for more damage, etc

I am very glad to hear this. Does this also mean that you and other developers are not planning to scrap modern weapons in future updates? I do agree with making such items extrememly rare but after reading that there was a chance of complete removal I became worried. Personally I would stop playing if there were not high end loots to work for. I do understand others feel different about how this game should progress and some want the guns removed completely. It seems to me that this game is much more enjoyable with gunplay than it would be without it. Thank you for being so active on the forums and answering posts like this.

You should just add noob tubes, undermount shotgun and gold camo.


I would also like commando and a tactical knife