Extended physics

How can I improve physics model that I can move piece of it, not only rotate, like in TF2 Better Physics? I mean lift the shoulders and stuff.

Enhanced Citizens.

And if my skeleton is different from enhanced citizens?

Then DO THE PHY YOUR FUCKING SELF. That’s the solution.

Who pissed in your cornflakes? Yeah he needs to make a physics model but you don’t have to be an asshole about it.

Anyways, Norpo a quick way to make a phymodel that is very close and easy is to take your existing model and “cut” it into sections. Now in Mariokarts ragdoll tutorial he does this by simply selecting and deleting areas, but this can become problematic when working with lower poly. For example, I recently remade the physics for the PS2 port of the HL1 barney (Which has a totally different skeleton from the HL2 ones). I mainly selected edges and right clicked to “split edges” and then moved them apart and sometimes re-aligned them. When compiling, mdlcompiler will cap the holes as it makes convex parts. Also another time saver that was not covered in that tutorial was that you can do half of the model and then use a symmetry modifier so you have to do only part of the work (I separated and re-added the holster in this model after).

Now remember to re-skin the parts at 100% skin weight per part and all of the mesh has to belong to a single smoothing group & texture.

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I don’t want to be an asshole, so here you go with step by step tutorial:
Has images. Have fun.

By the way, if you want to do the CAS’ method, use the WallWorm model tools, it really helps making the Collision Model.

You don’t get my question. I know how to do phymodel, I followed that tutorial by Mario. I ask about how to make some parts of model not only rotating but moving. I mean in original skeleton of tf2 models shoulders didn’t move up and down but in new they do.


That’s by adding more phys bones. A*normal phys model will only have UpperArm>ForeArm>Hand In your example the the actual phys skeleton is set as Clavicle (shoulder)>UpperArm>Forearm>hand.

It still merely moves, but clavicle pivot point makes it seem as if it moved up and down.

Thank you very much.

No need to be rude