Extending standard features source 2

When Gmod came out, I wasted a lot of time in the map editor, but one day I decided to try Unreal Engine 4. And I can safely say when I tried to create a map script there, I got a huge orgasm.

Would like to know if many moments from Unreal Engine will be moved?

For example:

  • Embed displacement into map textures.
  • Extension of nodes to textures and model editor.
  • Etc.
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This is possible

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    • Embed displacement into map textures. these are called displacement maps, they are standard in almost every engine. Source even supports them to an extent from what I hear that means it is likely possible.
    • There is a shader graph in the source 2 tools, at least people found what looked to be one while poking around HL:A files. Worst case people make a shadergraph tool in sandbox on their own, though. I am fairly certain the code based shaders are literally just text files renamed differently, so while it would be difficult, it should be possible to WRITE them when you want to compile them.
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