ExtermiNation #1 - "Pilot"

Finally finished it! Took me three full days of working on it to get it done, enjoy (you better!).









-RUH in zombie = Fuck you
-Read the newspaper headlines in the first frame. Plot stuff yeahhh.
-Red Zones=Modern cities are now slums known as Red Zones, or aptly referred to as Old Cities.
-Green Zones are high-tech areas in the center of all major cities built for the rich. It’s the government’s primary source of income following the beginning of WW3 and the complete economic collapse due to low resources like oil. Everyone else is too poor to even pay tax, and thus live in the Red Zones.
-Not a typical LETS KILL ZOMBIES comic. They aren’t even the main antagonists. They’re just… there because they are key to the plot.

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Blood effects could use a little works but it’s good.

Yeah I don’t really know how to do blood so I just used whatever splatter brushes I had.

Really good start to a zombie comic, haven’t had one in awhile. Like halflambada said, blood effects can use work (darker, more layers)

enjoy the comic either way, I will keep track of this

I enjoyed this, and had a chuckle when he grabbed for the bottle.
I do hope to see #2 soon.

Quality zombie comic. :slight_smile:
You struck a perfect balance between including relevant plot info and not boring the reader with run-on passages. Well done!

Thanks for the feedback guys. I’ve written the next one and it’ll be done in a couple days (probably 3 or 4). Expect some nice in-game effects since I’ve discovered a few tricks since I’ve made this.

So the guy in the begging is like holding the door closed right? And he gets like kocked across the room? Could use some work, as this could have been better illustrated. Go for maybe different angles that allow you to show more of what is happening. The posing is decent, but even if you take 5 more minutes it probably will improve.

I like this story. Good start.

My only complaint is your blood is very bright.