External compiler?

I have batch compiler but I personally can’t use it, I haven’t a clue what to do with it.

Is there a tool I can use to just simply select the vmf I want to compile…and compile it? That’s all I need.

My problem is that Hammer is sucking up resources alongside the compiling software (VVIS and VRAD especially) and it has made my PC unusable. If I had some external compiler or some assistance on batch compiler that a 5 year old could follow, that would at least make it more usable than it already is. It also crashes midway so I can’t even compile the map to it’s final extent. :frowning:

I don’t think those issues are specific to hammer itself but to the compilers themselves. At least, back when I used to make maps that was the case. Has this changed at all?

If you’re on about my resource-sucking issue, at least for me this is a problem that still happens. Hammer uses up like 500mb, then the compilers take up an extra 3-400mb. This isn’t a lot for most people, but this is still killing my computer even with the 4gb of ram I have.

VIDE has a compiler I think http://www.riintouge.com/VIDE/

Unfortunately, it doesn’t at this time.

From what I can see it doesn’t. :[

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Why is it then that I can compile just fine on my old laptop that has just 3gb ram? Surely if the CPU is being used 100% that makes the thing pretty unusable during compiling, but that’s just for the duration of the compile, and logically.