Extra building options.

Im sure this has popped up in the minds of more than a few players… perhaps even in a post or two.

What I had in mind was fencing. Now I know we can sort of make a rough(and ridiculously costly) fence by using a foundation, two pillars, and a wall all set in the middle snap points. Adding up all the wood that is needed for that would be … 200 wood… for one build square. A bit much for a privacy fence, hrm?

Now, what I was thinking would be a semi low cost ‘fence’ that players could see through, and shoot through, that would simply block the movement of players and animals. To move past it you would either need to build next to it and jump it… or use the gate(think a door). Unlike wooden/metal walls, this fence could be destroyed/damaged by melee, guns, and explosives.


Like Minecraft gates and fences?

I like it.

Perhaps. Just something that can be seen and shot through, yet cant simply be bypassed by jumping over it. Gotta think to get by it.

I’d like a fence… put a barbed wire fence around the compound with a gate. :smiley:

you can kinda line up wooden barricades to make is fence, they’re cheap too.

The problem with those is that they decay crazy fast. I use them for a small section in my fort and I can’t keep them there for more than one play session.

Sorry did not realize this was a fence specific topic.

The type of fence you’re after is cyclone fencing :slight_smile:

Ah… I didnt think of decay when I wrote this.

I believe they should decay faster than a wooden building, but a good deal slower that wooden barricades. With this in mind, the fence wouldnt be set-it and forget-it(lol) and you would be required to go out and “run your fences” to keep them in good repair.