extra keys?

if i have the game can i get extra keys like you get if u have dota2 becous i have some friends that dont have the game and thay want to test it out to :slight_smile:

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Fix your grammar.

We can’t understand what the heck you are talking about.

  1. http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1283939
  2. There is no need to spam this topic anymore with post such as “ban”, etc. once is enough so dont do it.

Short answear: No.

Long answear: Noo

i will trade u my key for 2 of your best sheeps

okay but damn u gus dont need to agro im pretty new to this forum dident know about that and loppan no offence men jävla fjolla

If you spent about 5 seconds looking around on the forums you would have known.

For you guys wondering, “jävla fjolla” is swedish and means “fucking faggot”.

May I ask why you attack me for answearing your question?

haha kraddy fjolla är inte bög men men och loppan för det va ett drygt svar…

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and i get that i shuld have read more about the topic im sorry but my friend wanted a key so he could play with me srry for that

Translation: haha Kraddy, “Fjolla” isn’t fag (yes it is) but but and loppan it was a stupid answear…

I found my answear funny. Anyway, I’ll just leave before I get banned for starting an argument. This thread is dead anyway.

For some reason I really want this last bit translated! :smiley:

and guys jävla fjolla means fucking chicken or some thing like that
atleast mot faggot

Patrict, it’s kind of stupid saying everyone is angry at you when you are insulting people yourself.


i did insult him becous that was a ignorent anwser… he could just say no nicley instead ? dont have to play cool on the internet

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and now i say like the other guy il leve this now i got my anwser but it whoud have been nicer if i got a nice awnser like the 2nd anwser and then nothing more

So calling someone fag isn’t insulting…

Anyways, I’m outta here.

what the hell community?