Extra RT Camera(s)

The #1 problem about RT Cameras is: only 1 can be used at a time. And on a Multiplayer Map, it can become a struggle over who gets it.

My suggestion: Extra RT Textures!

Not just 1 or 2 more but maybe 20 Extra RT Camera Textures! All with their own render space.

I’m not sure how complex this maybe or if it is even possible.

But if someone CAN make this, could you make a new tool, Extra RT, and have a drop down menu so they may choose the texture?

Thank You for reading and I look forward to your comments.

I think the source engine is incapable of that, I’m not sure.

I guess theoredically you could have more than one texture to do the same thing.

apparently you can switch the number and you get multiple RT so idk whats wrong with the statement you applied

I believe the problem is that, although you can have multiple cameras, the map, and the source engine in general, has only one material allocated to display the camera’s view. Thus, you can have only one prop screen per game.

I been looking for multiple cameras.

Can’t we just add more RT camera materials, by different ID/Names, and then use lua to make them work?
Dystopia and their jack-in-screens, as well as portal can make use of multiple RT materials.
Whether or not Gmod can, is up to garry. He doesn’t seem to busy adding new features.
I doubt he even reads post from the ideas and suggestions page.

So is the source engine incapable of multiple RT textures? No, Dystopia and Portal prove that.
Garry could probably increase the resolution of the screens too if he wanted. Though maybe he doesn’t know how, if that’s the case he can ask the guys at portal.

Portal doesn’t use rt materials, I believe.

Well portal didn’t program the real life quantum mechanics to simulate a real portal.
What ever they used, we need those.

What does portal use? And why can’t Gmod use them? They are both source games.
Even that fake portal game made use of multiple RT materials, It supported so many, there was portal multi-player.

i have a portal gun that blackops made and it has errors in it says: something like…
in lua/entities/prop_portal/cl_init.lua

Why not 8, or one generated for every player slot?

Well i actually want them wired, so i can connect a camera to a screen, or just add an ID to the camera and screen.
I want to make a completely enclosed vehicle. That uses multiple RT screens to drive.
This isn’t the same as just adding a camera to it and looking out the normal camera. I want to be seeing the inside of the contraption and driving it by the use of RT cameras.

This is possible if works for mapping mostly but if you do this yo have to make a new rt cam tool to sellect what rt texture you use. This is possible Just make more than 1 rt camera material

I would do so, if i knew how to make it. But i don’t.
I don’t even know where to start.

It doesn’t sound hard, So i’m confused why it hasn’t been done yet.

But if that camera will be wire moded?