Extra Terrestrials


Criticism please. Quite pleased with this one.

the overall atmosphere is pretty good and the fog’s just right, but the lighting on the soldiers themselves looks bland and colorless

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actually, the lighting in general is weird. the orange glare is clearly from the sun/sky, but what’s all that white light coming from

It’s really just an attempt at decent lighting, still haven’t really gotten the hang of it.

Very excellent lighting, atmosphere and posing!
I’d say this is fantastic.

Thanks mate!

everything needs a reason to be in a scene, especially light sources. here you could have given the atmospheric lighting a slightly yellowish orange tint to simulate sunlight being reflected off the sandy ground

I did originally go for a bit of tint but I ended up getting flustered over not wanting to overdo it. I’ll keep it in mind for next time though, thanks.

Criticism? The helghast would destroy those plebs.

Besiding his weird face, all the rest looks awesome

The Helghast did nothing wrong.