Extract a PS2 model from X-Files: Resist or Serve

Hello Facepunch,
So, I with the series reboot of X-Files around the corner, I’ve been working hard.
I have been trying to port the model of Fox Mulder from the PS2 game X-Files: Resist or Serve.
As you can see here, other than rigging, it is going well.

My problem is, he doesn’t have his partner Dana Scully.
The way I got the model of Fox Mulder to port, was off a 3d model website, where some dude had ripped it and posted it a couple years ago.
If anyone is interested in helping me extract the model of Scully from the game, then please leave a comment, or message me.
I don’t specifically need it rigged, but that would be nice. I’m fine with just having the 3d file and all her textures ripped.
I want to make these playermodels and SFM items.
Please let me know if you can do this as soon as possible!

ok, i will try

Thank you very much!

NO chance, sorry… got a .efs file that i cant open

Thanks for trying. If the program is using DirectX you could try ninja ripper. It works great!

yeah i already tryied with it

what was the result?

didnt capture correctly

It was me who had put the 3d model of Fox Mulder on the site TF3DM. Here for Danna Scully.http://www.mediafire.com/download/v5kw55tg5110h4u/Danna_Scully.rar

ps: I use Googe translation.

thank you


Thanks so much for posting Mulder, and now posting Skully!
That really helps me. I will be sure to credit you in my port.
Just curious, how did you port the models, if the above methods did not work?

Thanks for doing your best! Much appreciated.

Yay, less than 24hrs, and the thread is solved!

No problem, guys. For extract I used texmod then I managed as I was able to put them in T-pose.

Thanks Steve!