Extract Custom Textures from a map?

is there a way that i can take a compiled bsp and extract the textures? i need to do it because im editing an rp map for my friend’s server

The textures are not located in the .bsp. Source textures are stored in .vtf files and are implemented through .vmt files. Look in your materials folder to locate the textures.

…Unless they are paked into the map with pakrat or similar because they are custom textures. Try VIDE pakfile editor

thanks and yes i meant the textures that are paked into it


im not exactly sure how to use this…


this isnt really working anyone else got any ideas?


nevermind guys i got it thanks alot!

GCFScape opens .bsp and .gcf files, and has a very user-friendly interface.

I didn’t know GCFScape can extract shit from maps…

I love that program :buddy:

U can extract stuff from maps with GCFScape? I just use PakRat. Just make sure the author of whatever you extracted is cool with you using it.

as i said i got it but i didnt know you can do that with gcfscape! thanks!

authors dont own shit muhahahahahah

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