Extract file program for garrysmod.org

Hey guys, Im on a new PC with Vista (my first time using it) and I downloaded ZIP-7 to extract files I downloaded from garrysmod.org, however I see that the files are being recognized as Torrents and when I try to open it with ZIP, it isn’t showing up so basically Im asking,

  1. Has the file formats changed in the last 4-5 weeks? (I didnt have a PC)


  1. What kind of program will I need to open and extract files now?

You need a torrent client, such as BitTorrent or µTorrent.

you need to get a torrent client and run the .torrent file in it… its just p2p downloading

Oh for the love of…Everything on GMOD.ORG is now a torrent?! Fuck that, I aint downloading Torrents.

Thanks for the answers atleast.


If you read my first post, I mentioned that I haven’t exactly been in the loop for 4-5 weeks. :slight_smile:

I’d have nothing against torrents, if I ever used them. But since they switched to torrents, I’ve never had to download anything big enough to be turned into a torrent from Gmod.org :slight_smile: (Yes only the bigger files are torrets).
I don’t even have a torrent program installed on my PC :smiley:

In case you’re wondering how I got PHX and Wiremod and all those huge addons: SVN.
And in case you don’t know how to use SVN: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=688324

Also, nothing’s wrong with torrents. A surprising amount of people seem to thing that just because they are torrents, they automatically contain viruses and will fuck up your computer the instant you click the download button.
I don’t understand whose ass this idea was pulled out of.

I only dislike torrents because the speed is dependent on how many people are seeding the file, and your internet speed. While with plain downloads (including SVNs, which I use alot) they only depend on your speed (and if the file exists of course, but then you can only download if it does).