Extract from Jak X (PCSX2) and Mad Max problems

Hello !
I’m new here and in modelling.
For a project, I want to rip models from Jak X and Mad Max

My first problem is when I want to extract models from Mad Max with NinjaRipper the key doesn’t work.
I use Dx11Wrapper and load NinjaRipper in 32bits

And my second problem is after ripping models from Jak X with PCSX2 and NinjaRipper I have this on 3dsMax and I don’t know how to solve it (i’m beginner)


Ninjaripper and PCSX2 do not get along well. I found that out the hard way.
You are better using the built in ripper:

Quality leaves something to be desired, but atleast it works I guess.

Ninja ripper and mad max work just fine for me. this is my working setup

Mad Max
Ninja ripper 1.3.1 x64
injector D3DLL wrapper
save rips to another directory.

I save it to a desktop folder where I can find it easily and I find it rips best when not ripping to the steam or the programs folder set. hope that helps cause I’ve been working with the meshes to remake many of them to be movie replicas. I just finished elvis from the movie.

Ok for Mad Max I will try that.

I tried to extract my 3d model from pcsx2 himself but when i import the 3d model in 3ds max, i have the same problem.

If there is a pro for exporting from ps2 models ripping please help me :cry:

well sadly,while there are tools to pull the ps2 rips appart and inflate them. the issues is they will always come out like this from the emulator because the ps2,while showing 3d visuals still always render in 2d so while the 3d data is there in the snap shot it’s been squished and sometimes you have to contend with cameras view…for instance some games will have a model where the back end is bigger then the front end because it’s rendered not from a game camera but a virtual camera and the proprotions of a single model can still be way way off. it’s suggested that you pan the camera around and get frames of every side you can so you can extrude the model correctly and not have to worry about perspective. though there are perspective tools to fix this issues as well some work better then others.

but I am not sure if anyone else might help with this. I’ve been trying for years to get some models to work or look right by doing it all be hand but it can be a chore and a half to make it right because of the issues of the ps2 way of rendering things. honestly you might be better off looking at ps2 game specific extraction tools that extract from the iso itself. but that’s what help I can give for now. sorry I can’t be more help but my time is super limited this time of year.