Extract Materials + Models

Hello :slight_smile:
I shall like extracting all the materials and models from my map, but when I make with gcfscape, he gives me only a part of materials with no models. How to have all the materials and models?
Thank you

In order to extract the content from a specified map, the creator had to pack the content inside the .bsp file with a software that packs it for you, f.e. VIDE. If you can’t find most of the content through gcfscape, It’s probably not packed correctly.

when you open a bsp in gfcscape you get 3 or more things:
lumps (dont bother with it, it’s internal information for the bsp)
materials (contain all textures)
models (contain all models)
sound (contain all sounds)

in the materials folder you will probably find a folder called models (so it’s root/materials/models/). In that folder you will find the textures used by the models. it’s possible to find just vmt without vtf (the actual picture). it is because the vmt target a vtf in a different folder.

To have all files, there is a map_name.zip you can extract, it contain all the mentionned folders (except lumps since it’s not important)