Extract Models

Hi, im new to the Genre and Need a Little bit of Help in finding the proper Tools to extract Data like Models and Textures out of the Gamefiles of certain Games.
I know how to Rip Models but i dont find proper Tools for Extracting, i want to Keep the work Developers done what means things like Bones etc. The only Tool
i found was the UE Viewer but this only works on Unreal Engine like Games and im not sure how it handles on DX 11 Titles, someone told me that i should look and
ask here. I used the Search function but it didnt found even one Thing about the Word Extraction so i need help please, thanks.

My eyes are bleeding :suicide:

Todd is that you, as for model extraction it almost always depends on the game engine. Say for Unreal Engine games, UEViewer. For most Wii games you have to use a program to extract the contents of the Wii game and sometimes the files can be compressed in a packages like FPK which needs a tool to decompress, then use BRRES Viewer to open and convert the format. There’s even a tool now for the Wii U games I think. For Unity games Disunity, and for most PC games Ninja Ripper. Christ some people just don’t know to do their research and expect other people to do it for them.

I done most myself already anyway but if you are new to this you dont know where to start and Ninja Ripper is ripping not extracting the Models should have the Original Bones and Weights. Sadly non of the methods i found work well but i surely will find something sometimes what will work better.

The main problem that people will have trying to help you is Vagueness: You’re not telling us what game or games you are trying to get the data from. As Cylonproject said, there are different methods to get data from each individual game engine. We can’t help you unless you tell us what games you’re trying to work with.

I understand that there is a language barrier, seeing as how you are from Austria (or so your profile says), and a few people will try their best to communicate with you. Hopefully someone can better translate this information to you if we are not able to.