Extract or uncompress .gm or .gma file

When using steamworkshopdownloader and steamworkshop.download, I get either a .gm or .gma file. What can I do to extract this file? Is there some way I can manually make Garry’s Mod extract it when a workshop add-on is downloaded?

Drag it onto gmad.exe.

That doesn’t work when it is downloaded from those websites. I don’t think gmad.exe works with .gm files either.

Which is found in Steam/steamapps/common/Garrys Mod/bin/ for anyone wondering.

Figured it out, if anyone finds this thread, you must right click and drag the .gm,.gma,.com,etc into and directory and navigate to 7-Zip-> Extract here and extract it. You may get an error but it should still extract. Just add a .gma extension to the file to make it compatible with Garry’s Mod.

Do not open the file with 7-zip, only drag it or it will not extract.