Extract weapon models from Karma Online

Hello there!
I really need the Karma Online’s BREN for a mod.
Do you happen to know how to extract the said model from the game files?

The game did have a whole bunch of rare weapon models. I got the game files a while back, but I cannot open them.

I doubt anyone here can, you are better off uploading sample files on xentax and asking for help there.

Although to be honest, you do not really need the models from there anymore. Every gun in that game has appeared in other games since.

Yeah, but I neen a model with a texture that was studied to have only the diffuse map, not any normal or spec maps.
And the BREN from Karma Online seems to be the perfect balance between model realism and good diffuse map texture. I’ve got the Client files from that game, but there’s literally NOTHING on the “data” folder…maybe I’m missing something, tho

Get the one from CoD 2.

i’m searching for various weapons models from this game too xD in what format are the files of the weapons you have?

The game packages are “answer” files, with numerical extensions. The largest package has the extension “mof1”.

its very strange o_o

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you can send me some weapons with these format? i will try to extract them

That’s just packages with lots stuff, not separate weapons.

Yeah, those are package files, not weapon models.

We need to open the packages before we can extract anything and with a game this old you are better off just using models from elsewhere.

the had some good models, for example the jhonson 1941 and arisaka type 38 carbine

If you have any knowledge of how the Real Steel weapon really is, you’d agree with me when I say that the CoD2 model just sucks.
I tried loads of models, but I think that the Bren from This game would fit just perfectly.

I personally prefer aesthetically pleasant textures over realistic ones.

CoD WW2 has the Jhonson rifle has a skin for the MG and a Mkb 06 skin for the StG44.
Michau made a high quality Arisaka type 38 carbine for New Vegas and BF1 has both the Madsen and the Carcano carbine.

Decent models of Johnson lmg and arisaka m38 rifle can be easily extracted from MoHPA.

Not the MG, the rifle. Only other game with the rifle is CoD WW2.

Plus the Arisaka model by Michau is better.