Extracting from Wii Games

Hi people, I was wondering if there is a tutorial anywhere for extracting models from Wii games, mainly I want to extract the models from the LEGO Star Wars games, but I’m not sure how to do it. From what I’ve heard it’s done using Dolphin and 3D Ripper DX but don’t know much else besides that.

You can like, right-click on a game in the Dolphin’s game list and open up Properties, go to Filesystem and extract some files of your choice. The bad news is you’d almost have to try opening every file up in a modelling program till you find those that can be opened in the modelling program.

But, some Wii/GameCube games have formats that’d have to be exported to raw .OBJ formats to work correctly, such as Smash Bros. Brawl. That game requires “BrawlBox” to be used and that DAE export plugin

EDIT: This is un-related to Wii-extracting, Cylonproject. But, I wish it was possible to extract and export models + textures from other console-based games (such as those from the PS3, because that’s where my favorite classic game is: Lemmings. I really want those models if they’re not basically in AVI videos, but one could otherwise write a mail to Team 17, the game company that re-maked Lemmings including created Worms and ask them to give you the model and texture sources for the PS3 Lemmings model)

Thanks for the info, where can I find Dolphin’s Game List to give this a try? Also on the PS3 issue from what I’ve heard from other people you have to have a jailbroken PS3 in order to get anything from it.

If you don’t have any games visible in your game list in Dolphin, you can “browse for an ISO directory” for where your GameCube/Wii games would be placed.

PS3 Part: Hmmm, that might need a Dolphin-like emulator for the PS3’s ISOs in order to extract from them

ps3 doesnt have a emutalater the way you get the files is simply by taking them out of the iso folder, after that you need a script to extract those archives. Take a look in xentax for more info.

for wii games use http://www.spriters-resource.com/community/showthread.php?tid=15384 they have a list of supported games, this is a viewer that can extract models with bones and animations and export in smd and psk.