Extracting, importing UNITY files.

Is there any tools or anything that will extract/import unity files?

.assets is the only files the game seems to have.

Disunity is the best one I could find by far.
You can get every part of the .assets files, including models, sounds, textures, and .mat files.

Unfortunately, you can’t get the animations in any form. The closest I’ve gotten was using Disunity to write out .txt files of each file included in the .assets, which give me a ton of animation data, just not in any useable format.

If you find a way to get the animations working, please do let me know though!

Okay ive extracted the assets, what are .MAT files? they seem like theyd be the only model format.

.mat files are 3DS Max material files. Disunity extracts any meshes into obj format, which you’d normally find in a folder structure like:
AudioClip: WAV files
Cubemap: TGA files for cubemap stuff.
Font: TTF files for fonts used in the game.
Mesh: OBJ files of models.
Shader: Shader files (pretty sure are useless outside of Unity).
Texture2D: DDS files of the textures for the models.

EDIT: Sorry, I got Unreal Engine extraction mixed up with Unity, there are no .mat files in Unity.

Well i uploaded a example file of what i mean.

It’s just data for 3DS Max to be able to know what materials to look for. They’re basically useless since you are given the materials anyways, and .MAT files are written to find the textures in a certain path within the game itself, rather than outside of it.

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Oh, one last thing.
Unity Importer for 3DS Max work pretty well and saves you the trouble of finding the correct textures for each mesh, but loading to many .assets or levels will freeze 3DS Max.

Where do i put .MZP files?

Copied from the ReadMe:

Is their any way to extract the animation files in to a usable format?

Does any one know this? I’m looking hard on this but couldn’t find any solution.

Please post here if you know any solution.