Extracting materials from non-steam games like S.T.A.L.K.E.R. SoC

How would you do it?

I’ve seen people do it before but what programs would you need?

GCFScape doesn’t recognise the file type.

Thanks in advance.

You need to get the Stalker Database extractor then extract and convert them.

Thanks! I’m extracting them now.

What program do I use to convert them?

What format are they in? You probably need to change the file format into something standard and then convert it to vtf.

They’re in .dds format.

What do you mean by something standard?

A regular format, jpg png gif. Something like that.

I’d say .tga or .png. Or just find a .dds importer for Photoshop, if you have that.

I’ve found a .dds plug-in for Gimp.

Thanks a bunch guys.

Don’t suppose any of you know of any free .ogg to .wav sound converters?


Also, how would I make a binary file that opens the textures and saves them as .vtf’s?


Because there’s a heck’a lotta textures to manually open and resave.

Here’s a nvidia plugin for photoshop. Includes a normal map filter, dds, and some scripts.

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