Extracting music, sounds, and voices from PS1 roms

I know that this topic isn’t in the right section, but I couldn’t find the right section to put it in. Please move this topic if there’s a more appropriate section to put this in.

Hello. I’m wondering if there’s a way to extract music and sounds from PS1 roms? I’m trying to obtain all of the music, voices, and sound effects from Spyro the Dragon via emulation (I have PCSX 1.5, but I can get a hold of more emulators if this one can’t do it). Is there a way to do this through roms and emulation?

I know that the music can be found on YouTube, but if I manually extract it, it will be in much higher quality. I’m not able to find that many sound effects, and as for the voices, I know there are walkthroughs and cutscene videos on YouTube as well, but they can’t be heard without the sound effects and music playing in the background. I need all of the music, voices, and sounds individually, without any of the other playing over each other.

Thanks in advance.