Extracting needed resources for addon entities

I downloaded a weapons-pack somewhere and it has about 50 weapons, however I only need 10 of them. Since I don’t want the clients to download unneeded files, i want to figure out which model files, sound files and materials are used for the weapon entities that i need. Is there an easy way of finding this out? This is the weapons pack in case you are wondering. There are hundreds of materials and models and some of them have names that dont resemble the actual entities etc so it’s really hard to figure out which ones are needed and which dont. I know how to identify the model used, however the materials are nowhere mentioned.

How are the materials linked to the models? Do i need software to read the models so i can see which materials are used?

The m9k base makes it pretty easy and its well organized.
If you wanted to remove the MP7 for example, this is what you would remove:

  • sound/weapons/mp7 folder
  • models/weapons/v_mp7_silenced.dx80.vtx
  • models/weapons/v_mp7_silenced.dx90.vtx
  • models/weapons/v_mp7_silenced.mdl
  • models/weapons/v_mp7_silenced.sw.vtx
  • models/weapons/v_mp7_silenced.vvd
  • models/weapons/v_mp7_silenced.xbox.vtx
  • models/weapons/w_mp7_silenced.dx80.vtx
  • models/weapons/w_mp7_silenced.dx90.vtx
  • models/weapons/w_mp7_silenced.mdl
  • models/weapons/w_mp7_silenced.phy
  • models/weapons/w_mp7_silenced.sw.vtx
  • models/weapons/w_mp7_silenced.vvd
  • models/weapons/w_mp7_silenced.xbox.vtx
  • materials/models/weapons/nameofweapon
  • lua/weapons/m9k_mp7.lua

There may be some other files which I was too lazy to write down on mobile, you just need to know that models, materials, and code are the only thing to remove, the rest is for the base.