Extracting Nuclear Dawn Props?

So, i own Nuclear Dawn on STEAM and i find most of the props in the game cool and reckoned they’d be useful for posing.

I found out that you could GRFCscape to extract the models.
A guy told me what .vpk i should extract, problem is that when i did that and went in-game there’s alot of folders but they’re all empty.


Ps. Sorry if i posted this in the wrong sub-forum.

Nuclear Dawn can be mounted in GMod 13. You can just locate folder you need in game.

I’m not using Gmod 13.

It will be realised in 24-th of september. Can you wait for a month?

Anyway GM13 is now open to all: http://garrysmod.com/post/30091705885/gmod-beta-open-to-all

No, sorry.

I’ll try to help you anyway. Are vpk\gcf protected? If so, then there isn’t any way to extract any file…

Hmm, i’ll try to check. Although GFC-whatever didn’t seem to encounter any problems…

Good luck with that. Try any program which can open *.vpk.

Thanks for at least replying and trying to help, something must’ve f*cked up the first time.

A friend of mine walked me through it and now i got plenty of stuff in the folders.

I’m glad for you.

Once again: when GM13 will release, you’ll get it more easily. :slight_smile:

Is Nuclear Dawn one of the ones Garry’s specifically making mountable, or is he making it possible to mount Source Mods like Gm_Mount2?