Extracting/Ripping Arcade game models?

i’ve been trying to figure out a way to get models from certain games on Arcade only (like CarnEvil) that have not had a console or pc release, from my understanding it’s not possible to us things like 3D Ripper DX, NinjaRipper, 3DVIA, etc on a MAME emulator by the way it processes or displays the games or something along those lines, is there any way to go about doing this as far as extracting?


Currently, MAME only does software rendering, as it was the best way at the time to have complete control over rendering without worrying about the quirks of specific hardware or APIs.

It’s only now that efforts are in place to change this, but it will be a slow process and odds are it’ll just be running the software renderer on the GPU.

So your only solution is to reverse-engineer the game data and figure out how the models are stored. Sorry!