extracting server downloads?

Hello is it possible to extract the files (addons and stuff) you have to download to join a server. If so where are they stored ?


Well im not a pro at this,but have noticed that when you download a map from a server it gets saved to your maps so I suppouse it keeps the addons,but not sure.

Maps get downloaded to the maps folder
Models get downloaded to the models folder
Materials get downloaded to the materials folder

Lua files are a little different. They get downloaded to the cache/dua folder, and the files are named .dua instead of .lua
To use them just change the extension from dua to lua.

The addon format is more just a simple way of keeping a section of files that gmod uses, in one place. Unfortunately when you download files from the server, even if they were put on in addon format, the files will still be downloaded separately to each folder as mentioned above, so to get a whole addon from a server could still be very difficult.