Extracting the facial animation frames from a VTA as separate SMD?

I wanted to use Gmod models for a project in Autodesk Maya/3dsMax and I needed the separate face expressions for the models (so I can apply a Blend Shape/Morpher modifier to the rigged model). I understand that the expressions (blinking, mouth open, etc) are stored in a VTA (Source Vertex Animation) file. Is there any way I can extract the different facial expressions stored in that file as separate meshes?

I already tried using Vtaapply, no success (when I select the VTA file, it doesn’t detect any animation frame)

Same luck with the Cra0kalo method (followed the instructions, as soon as I try to decompile the MDL with Decompile Catcher! running, Cannonfodder crashes)

VTAs are flexfiles, the only data they contain is movement data for individual vertices. No actual vertices are stored, so they can’t be extracted as meshes.
Animated SMDs contain skeletal animation, but the animations likewise only store the movement data for the bones.

What are you trying to decompile?