Extracting with UMODEL unreal engine 2.5


i tryed to extract/convert the models from Battle Territory Battery or in N/A,EU it´s name is Arctic Combat.
I allready owned the “extractor.exe” and “Umodel”, with the extractor.exe i was able to open the archive and get the files with the extension “SkeletalMesh” after some search for a IMPORTING/Converting plug-ins or software it seems that there´s no way to convert this file type.

So i started to use Umodel basicly a realy great program for Uengine based games.
But there seems to be a problem with the archive type of Arctic Combat the file extension is “.ebkx”.

If i try to open/convert them the following message appear “package Char_03 was not found”.
If i rename the extension to “.upk” or something like this this message appear “Wrong Tag in package”.

I know that it is possible to convert the files some here allready done it, but it seems that i do something wrong may anyone have a clue what i do wrong?

(the last time i converted files where in Combat Arms ^^)

Also i got blender,udk,UT2004,Milkshape.

Thanks for reading.