Extractor for Arma 3/ 2 models?

I see on workshop that a lot of Arma 3 and 2 models such as planes, Anti Air, Etc. And it interested me, And i would like to know how or where i can get a extractor for the files in Arma 2 and to port into Garrysmod. And will i get any copyright on the workshop if i do decide to upload to workshop?

I haven’t found any tools to properly ‘debinarize’ newer models from Arma 3 yet, which complicates model porting.
because of this, the easiest way to port models from the game has for me been ripping.

whether or not releases of content ported from Arma games can be taken down, is unclear.
I believe released content ports have previously been taken down by the owners of the Arma series, but I believe this has recently not happened.
I have seen Arma 2 weapons compiled for Garry’s Mod stay up on the Steam Workshop for several months.

…moving onto actual model extraction…

for me, the most important tools for the extraction of models from games like Arma 2 and DayZ are currently the following -

game content extraction tools - I use the tool from the official Arma 3 tool package. it isn’t made to work with only Arma 3 content. it can work with content from Arma 2 and DayZ.
Mikero’s DePBO and its required files should be enough for simple content extraction.

the P3D Analyzer - .P3D files are the model files used by all the Arma games, and even DayZ. the P3D Analyzer is a program which can ‘debinarize’ a P3D model, which is necessary for proper model importation into-

one of the official Arma-specific model editors - for both Arma 2 and DayZ, both Oxygen 2 (released specifically for Arma 2 content creation) and the ‘Object Builder’ (Arma 3-specific editor) should be enough to convert a .P3D model to something like an .OBJ or .FBX file (the .FBX exporter might not be part of Oxygen 2), for importation and compilation using other model editors.
both of these editors are part of the official developer tools that have been released for the Arma games.

it shouldn’t be difficult to find the P3D Analyzer using something like Google’s search engine.

if you want an explanation of how these tools are used to extract models from Arma 2 or DayZ, please notify me.

Good luck debinarising current A3 stuff, the old debinariser smashed the UV coordinates into a massive jigsaw, any models made with tools after the 1.4 update now just come up with “bad headers”

If you don’t care about bones, you could use NinjaRipper I guess. You have the ingame model viewer, so there shouldn’t be a problem with that.

just don’t do it, because we did it and got a mail from bohemia to remove them or else…


As Sillirion said, Bohemia won’t be too happy

Thanks everyone! I think i wont be trying with Bohemia and copyright. Thanks for the information

I came all the way from BISTUDIO to say this as a mod maker for ArmA 3:

“You are not to rip any sort of content belonging to Bohemia Interactive property. This includes textures, models, animations, materials, images, etc. If you rip any sort of content belonging to the company (for use within other games, programs, etc) you will be fined and/or sued under the court of the Czech Republic. If the ripped content is included in a 3rd party game that has no relation to Bohemia Interactive (and the 3rd party game does not take action), they will also be sued under the court of the Czech Republic. Anyone who rips 3rd party content for ArmA 3 (without a proper license and permissions), the content will be removed and further action may/can be taken. We have already banned users on our forums that have ripped other game content into ArmA 3, and we are also watching this website. Be warned.”



Not trying to sound rude here, but there’s honestly no need to bump a dead thread just to tell us something we already know. People on this forum already know not to rip and release content from ArmA 2 or ArmA 3 for copyright reasons, and it’s basically a non-event at this point for the most part.

The irony is that quite a few well know modders used ported content from CS…

How can I rip from the arma 3 engine 1.68 From one addon for arma 3 ,Need 1 armored car but not as it does not go through ninjas ripper!

Would you be able to help me with the installation of these tools?



can you tell me, how the programms can extract the “Arma 3 3D Model(s)”?

Thanks in advance