Extraterrestrial dwelling + Bonus


1080p version


[Bonus] Generic Swamp


1080p version

Made a couple quick scenebuilds, didn’t have too many ‘good’ idea’s tonight. I’d say I came out with two fairly decent shots I guess. Not too too happy with them.

Comments & Criticism?

I like the atmosphere of first one.

Where did you get those cliff models btw?

I love both of 'em, good work.


Aaand as the alien runs straight at the player (instead of being stealthy and chilling on the ceiling), he gets stuck on the pillar hitbox.

Then, as the player empties most of his clip just trying to kill the bugger (because Aliens are apparently decentanium), forty more show up.

Fantastic pictures, they both have a nice atmosphere to them! Also, good use of those almost barnacle-looking things on the rocks, they almost look like ancient facehugger eggs.

I’m really digging the swamp pic.

That swamp is incredible. As someone from Louisiana, I can say it looks authentic.

wow dat atmosphere in the first pic

TheMask is going to have some serious competition soon, assuming the stuff you do is mostly in-game

That first picture is fantastic. If you ask me, I think it would have been even better without the alien. The scene is way more interesting to look at and the presence of the alien is just confusing.

I’ve got quite a long way to go to catch up to him, haha. But yeah, these were all in-game.

what is your definition of quick, those look like it took a lot of work

Well I was working on the Alien picture for about 30 minutes, got bored so I found another piece of the map and made the swamp which took about 35 minutes or so. Then went back and finished the Alien picture and that was another 30. I don’t know how long other people take, but I move pretty quick :stuck_out_tongue: