Extreme Action Handshake



thnks to joazzz for the amazing edit

note how everything else is in slo-mo, including the bullets, but there’s still motion blur on the guy. yeah, he’s going THAT fast

Why isn’t there a rating for “Carbon Reinforced Titanium Balls Manly”?

I read the title as “Extreme Action Handbrake” but my god, brain matter in slow motion? Sswwweet

the trails for those bullets are pretty damn ugly. too opaque and too round.

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that and the same brush is reused too much, looks like it’s on a chain.

first try never goes right

the only brushes that i used were default round brushes, but i did some copypasting so that might be it

i wish i hadn’t had to make them so opaque, but since the background was mostly solid black i had to use the white stuff to bring them out more. you can see some of the rippling/distortion/blurring on the bearded guy’s shirt and shotgun but that’s it

you should have mixed in a few light blues for a more glassy, “water-slowmo” tracer effect thing.