Extreme CPU Bottle-necking on Server

I started to run a **DarkRP **server and everything was great until one day I guess I added a bad addon which causes the ping on my server to go up to 200+ for everyone around 15 people. I know this has been addressed before but I’ve done two weeks of research along with deleting, adding and changing addons at an attempt to resolve this problem. Nothing seems to work, I can uninstall every addon and it will work fine but I just can not pinpoint the exact cause of the lag. I’ve tried using Dbug and the only thing that was using a lot of stuff (Hooks, I suppose) was Dbug itself at that moment. I would greatly appreciate a little more in-depth support on this issue and if required will pay for it. I will list my current addons and I will be greatly obliged if you were to try to trouble shoot this with me. (By the way, if the way I typed this makes me sound stuck-up, i’m not. :D)

**Addons Added Through the Workshop:

**Fading Doors,
Keypad Tool and Cracker Supporting Wiremod,
Stacker STool,
[Official]Precision Tool,
Grappling Hook,
Devil May Cry 4 - Ebony and Ivory,
TDM Cars Base Pack,
Car Pack Part 1,
Car Pack Part 2,
M9K Assault Rifles,
M9K Heavy Weapons,
M9K Small Arms Pack,
Passenger Mod,
Hit Numbers.

I have tried removing all the M9K, TDM Cars as well as the Passenger Mod, Hit Numbers, Grappling Hook, and DMC4 Ebony and Ivory to remove the lag to no avail.
Addons Directly Installed in the GarrysMod/Addons Folder:**

APAC (Anti Prop Kill),
demotemayor (Demotes the Mayor on death),
Enhanced Damage Addon,
kill_noticer (Better kill feed),
map_decoration_editor (Perma props),
wyozimedia_darkrp (Youtube radio, projector and TV).
I have tried removing the 3D_car_dealer, APAC, Chess, Demote Mayor, Enhanced Damage Addon, kill_noticer, map_decoration_editor, CustomF4, textscreens, utime, and Wyozi Media to relieve the lag, also to no avail.*

What gamemode?

DarkRP. I can’t believe I forgot the most important info for it…

Okay, thanks for the help guys ):

You’re welcome. Remove all addons & reinstall DarkRP. If that doesn’t help, you gotta get a better server. You can also try -tickrate 33 to your commandline properties.

Could I safely make the tickrate below 33?

You can, but going below 33 is not recommended.

Thank you. But how so?

It affects the precision of your server; it will most certainly screw up your car addons.

Okay, thank you!