[Extreme Importance] Server Help

Alright guys, I’m quite tired of this. I’ve tried portforwarding for about a year now for gmod and XBox Live with absolutely no luck whatsoever . It’s not the numbers or the concept that confuses me its just my position which is this. I’m running my Dedicated Server on my laptop (Acer Aspire 6930, Home Premium 64-Bit Vista, 4 gigs of RAM) which has Firewall turned off and the servers ports both typed passed through. This Christmas I got me a new Netgear router (tell me if you need the exact model) it’s a wireless N-300 so I thought it would do me better then my gay linksys. Sadly it did nothing but make the price higher. I tried and tried to follow portfowarding.com’s tutorials for Steams stuff but I got confused since Im running it on my laptop I dont know which IP to put in there. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, give me something here. Is it possible not to be able to even have your ports fowarded? Because this all started with me wanting to connect to one friend that lives literally 2 miles down the road but yet it persist to shut me down with portfowarding I think I do right but.

Other Info: My Desktop that has my router connected to it is crap. My mother uses it for her things and loaded it with McAfee. This may have something to do with it. PLEASE tell me soemthing I’m here and beleive me I know exactly what you tell me I’m pretty good with computer lingo so just give me a try.

For any help you do offer me, thanks in advance!

BTW: I did the same for my desktops firewall and if need be I will take a screenshot of the portfowarding page. AND ON ANOTHER NOTE ALL THE SERVERS I TRY TO JOIN SAY SERVERS NOT RESPONDING!!! What isn’t wrong with it -.-

http://portforward.com/networking/static-vista.htm set that up, then use the IP you set up in there as the IP to forward to. Not only that, but you need more than the usual ports port forwarded, except I don’t remember which ones. Google should help there.

That was a good thread, but a few faults.

Lack of structure.
Use of caps
Hard to find information.

And about your problem.
A linksys router is impossible to port forward.
However, I have a netgear, and I can port forward fine. Make sure anti-virus isnt blocking it, and check the router logs. It normally blocks web traffic by default, but shouldn’t block steam games.

Linksys routers works fine for forwarding, I’ve done it successfully on all the Linksys models I’ve tried to forward. (Although I really don’t recommend them, I’ve had a lot of stability issues with them)

Ontopic: About 5+ years ago I had a problem nearly like this, and we couldn’t find the reason. The problem was fixed by luck after the ISP changed some stuff around and we bought a so called “public ip”.
I am telling you this so you know that it might not be something you’re doing wrong, but simply your ISP blocking you. This might be the case if you’re having a small and local ISP.

Hmmm, It could be never thought of it that way, but I just use windstream. I think their pretty known and wouldn’t do that. I could be wrong.