Extreme ops Gaming Rust server

Hi Everyone, Come check out our Extreme ops Rust server.Friendly Community to all ages,No Wipes,Active admins almost all the time doing our best to help you,Hourly events(currently Hunger games,Sniper wars,Rock fight,Death drop and Neverend Maze) and much more. Sign Up to out website http://www.extremeopsgaming.com/ Then go to the forums http://www.extremeopsgaming.com/board/130800 and tell us a little about yourself including your ingame name for a mp5,50 9 mil rounds and 200 wood planks. Also join our TS3 @ ta01.gameservers.com:9140. We currently have players from the US,Canada,AU and GB so we have players on all day and night.

Come hangout with us and have a Sh*t load of fun :slight_smile:

To connect to the server you must:

  1. Open Rust
  2. Press F1
  3. Type “net.connect”
  4. Play the server!

Read more: http://www.extremeopsgaming.com/#ixzz31xtFc6Xs

Hey everyone, Remember to check out our website for up coming rewards and events@ http://www.extremeopsgaming.com/

Hey guys Check out up coming major event this Friday night go to our steam group,events for more http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Extremeopsgaming#events/1387419126943925995infoor check out our events section on the website http://www.extremeopsgaming.com/events. Hope to see ya there :slight_smile: Also Saturday we are having an event day all day mini events check it out. All winners will get guns,gear and building materials.

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