Extreme Packet Loss - Unplayable

When ever playing garrysmod online its completely unplayable due to packet loss, spawning in game after connecting results in the deploy animation of the physgun repeating itself constently, huge camera shack and NOTHING responds at all.

Net graph also shows that packet loss is going from 40-120 every 10 seconds or so. I have played around with most networking variables to no success, these include but are not limited to:

Rates (cl_cmdrate, cl_uprate, rate,)
Interp Values

“net_showdrop” also shows a constant loss of packets at numerous locations.

And don’t tell me to restart my networks routers, everything aside from source engine games are working perfectly. Ports have been checked, all is good.
I have also looked at windows 7 media throttling and disabled it, no improvement.

Tried 15+ servers and still nothing.

Single player works flawlessly.

Have also reinstalled the game 3 times with NO addons. Issue still persists.

Used multiple methods of connecting the computer to the internet, multiple cables, multiple NETWORK CARDS and of course wireless. Still nothing.

Starting to really give up now.

EDIT: Almost forgot, the “In: ####” of net_graph will constantly lock to 1072 and then resume to change to other values at random.

Packet Loss doesn’t affect singleplayer. Try to restart your router. If you’re on adsl, make sure that signal is strong enough, if it’s too weak the connection will be unstable causing very slow downloads, packet loss, eventually causing router to reconnect to ISP in order to get in sync again.