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JOIN Extreme PvP- We are friendly players who love to build, raid and kill ( just not the noobs) !
If your looking for a safe , dependable and very non modded game play Extreme PvP is your server !
Copy and paste into console to join . Open console by hitting button F1

Server Info/ Settings / Rules:
PVP - ON ( Daily Events - see more below )
AIRDROPS - ON ( 15 player minimum )
CHEATPUNCH - ON ( new plugin from Carnage to stop hackers, when it goes live)
MODS- Custom Rust++
EVENTS - YES , Weekly events see below
Noob Friendly - We try hard to teach players the game and shelter them from the advanced players until they are ready for battle.
Wipes - Only when required for updates/ or the host Fresh as of 2-21-14
Server Backups- Every day at 5am
Sever Reboots - Every day at 6am ( nothing is wiped)
Clan Friendly - We love clans , the more players we bring into battle the better.
Streamer Friendly - We encourage streaming ( click here to become a streamer)
No Admin Abuse - Active Admin , No Spawning , No Teleporting Your admin is very dedicated to running the server more than playing in it.
Suggestions - We welcome suggestions just drop one below on the forum
Hackers/Cheaters- 0% tolerance for these scum. Please report at hackers to Carnage on steam or my email - ChapterBlackRecords@gmail.com


(User was permabanned for this post ("banned on numerous accounts, using alts to compliment himself. Advertise your servers somewhere else." - postal))

Most fun ive had in ages ! highly reccommend this server! Active and fair admins would reccomend

well thanks man i appreciate that. we had over 70 ppl in server last night it was a blast!!

Just got on the server seems pretty sweet, looking forward to playing more on it

thats great man… :slight_smile:

love the server bro its freaking sick

lol yeah

ill be on in about a hour or so bro you gonna be on?

(User was permabanned for this post ("alt of Artimis used to compliment himself.........." - postal))