Extreme water problem!

I’m having a problem with water on any map with it. My water seems to be reflecting outside of itself. I know it sounds weird, but that’s the best I can do to explain it.

Oh, and I do have a great graphics card on my velocity micro. All of my other graphics look amazingly great.

Pictures speak many words.

Also - you did buy Garry’s Mod from STEAM, didn’t you.

You mean that the reflections are the void… erm, area outside the map?

My gmod is not pirated. And I seem to be having trouble postimg pictures. Any water surface, when looked at by certain angles, seems to reflect the entire body of water upside down and above the bpdy of water.

If you could post a picture of it, it would help a lot.

Why the fuck do people always assume when there is a graphics problem it’s a pirated game?

Just because a graphics card displays well DOES NOT mean it works for every thing , try googling your graphics card and look for features , post a pic
and what could that posting trouble be? post that aswell =]

If you got picture problems :

Protip: instead of putting dots or spaces you can wrap it in [noparse]