Extremely abnormal server behavior consulting jobs?

Hello, today I realized I had 2 citizen jobs, 2 medic, and 2 hobo jobs. I checked over my coding multiple times but nothing seems to be the problem, my disabled defaults.lua doesn’t seem to be the problem either. I went ahead and tried to delete the 3 jobs from my main jobs.lua file. However, when I restarted the server there was now only 1 citizen, 1 medic, and 1 hobo job. My question is, how in the hell is this possible? It seems as if the code has been placed somewhere else?! it’s as if these jobs are the ghosts of the deleted ones. The jobs work nonetheless but I have a feeling this isn’t good. Can anyone help?

Can you try starting the server with no addons, no DarkRP Modification, and no non-default lua files except the DarkRP gamemode?

That would be a bit risky on my end, i’m really worried that I might lose something that way.

Rename your addons folder to addons1. Restart server (It will create a new one but don’t worry). Then see if it is still broken. Then if there is not problem then delete the new addon folder (Nothing should be in it) and rename the old addon folder with stuff in it back to addons.

Just cut and paste all of the things I listed into a folder outside of your server.

I have restarted my server without the addons/darkrpmaster/etc. And the problem is gone, only the default stuff is here.

Try it with only DarkRP Modification. If the problem returns, then the issue is with your configs.

I bet he put “false” on all of disabled defaults rather then “true”

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lol, well you are posting several threads for help with things that are either obvious, already solved or something you didn’t even bother taking a few minutes to figure out yourself. :stuck_out_tongue:

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