Extremely annoying compile problem

I’ve been developing a map over the last few months and I’ve come across a few headaches, all of which I have overcome apart from this one which cropped up when making the final compile.

The map compiles fine with vvis on fast and vrad on normal, my problem is that vvis PortalFlow gets to 9… and then something odd happens in which the amount of memory vvis uses actually drops to 100000K stays the same and it only uses a single core of my processor, whearas it used 4 before.

Now I am not a newbie to mapping, I have made func_details as much as is feasible, so please don’t tell me I need to optimize my map. Sorry if I come across a bit rude, I’ve been working very hard on this map and I’m very frustrated because it took so long to get to that 9… and it was all for nothing, and now it may never even compile properly at all and all the time would have been wasted. Please Facepunch…help me. I will post the compile log if necessary, I doubt it will make much difference though.

On faces that aren’t going to have sharp shadows (usually ground, and some walls) raise the lightmap scale to a higher power of two. Default is 16.

Thanks for the reply, but that made no difference, please don’t think I’m trying to say you’re dumb or anything, but you know this is vvis I’m talking about, not vrad right? BuildFaceLights and BuildVisLeafs are actually quite fast, especially in comparison to PortalFlow.

Oh oops. I miss read. Please give me books.

Try reading up on This.

Thanks for the link, I’ve read that several times, but as I said I have reduced visleaves as much as possible with func_detail and nodraw, and I don’t see how occluders and areaportals are going to reduce compile time. The only thing I can think of is making more stuff func_detail which should result in a performance hit, and yes I do only have func detail on world brushes that do not block visiblity significantly.

Use hints and skips. Area portals are for in game performance. Can I see a picture of your map in hammer?


Oh okay it looks like you need to use a func_viscluster.

I already tried that with the entire flat part of the map and it made little difference, should I place them around the buildings as well then? I didn’t before because I thought I would do it wrong.

Well your map is pretty large, so I don’t blame the compile for taking forever.

But yes, I think you should.

Ok, thank you very much for your help!