Extremely Low FPS

I used to get 60+ FPS now this last update im getting around 4-13 fps. everything is on fastest/low

16gb ram
SSD install

My core clock is running at max in game if anyone has any ideas im willing to try

Changing settings does nothing for my frames Max out around 10 lowest as can be around 10?

Look in your nvidia configuration if the game is used by your Graphics Card or by you CPU ! :slight_smile:
If it’s used by your CPU, turn on the Graphic Card and the game will be fast ! :slight_smile:

What setting would that be and or under?

same here, from 40-50, now i got 20-30

Prior to this patch, I used to get between 35-45 fps. Enabling virtual procedural texturing would boost that to 50-60.

Now I’m getting 20-30, and VPT now brings it up to the 40 range. It’s not a game breaker for me by any means as I still get a very playable frame rate , but it’s definitely indicative of a problem somewhere. That’s a pretty big frame rate hit after the patch. My system is an i7 4770, 16 GB RAM with AMD R9 270. But I can see this as really being an issue for people with lesser spec machines that were able to run it fine before yesterday’s patch.

same here… i usually play with steady 50 fps… arround taht… now im stuck at 20-30 and its kinda unplayable… theres something that mess up fps this patch u.u

My fps decreased too after latest update
I had 40-50 fps, and now its only 10-15, its impossible to play now

VTP does nothing for me. any settings i change it still sits at 10fps