Extremely Mini-Compilation of Various Team Fortress 2 Pictures


This one is my favourite.


  • I don’t like this one that much *


This one was fun to pose.


I was going to wait until I had a generous amount of pictures that are only in-game edited, but I ran out of posing ideas. And I know that they are EXTREMELY generic and boring, but they’re Wallpaper-y.

Tools Used:
-Super DoF
-1 Lightbulb per picture
-Colour Mod
-Fog Override
-mat_picmip -100
__________!Enjoy Or Don’t!

Also, I was wondering if anyone would happen to know why my AA only goes up to 4X, is that the maximum? Or is my computer/graphics card just lame?

wow holy shit this is good


Lol pissbomb.

Nice work.

Very nice indeed.


I like! Especially the Jarate one.

What does mat_picmip -100 do?

Supposed to increase texture quality at a distance I think. The difference is very marginal though and it always fucks up my shadows so I never bother with it.

Cause when I type mat_picmip -10 in console nothing changes lol.
Gonna try -100 now and see what happens.

picmip controls level of compression on textures mat_picmip 10 will make it compressed and ugly, -10 is the so called “ultra-high” where nothing is compressed afaik

Big bottle of piss made me laugh hard. Very nice.

Where did you find the Jarate cart? It looks pretty damn awesome. All of these are very good, especially for in-game edits.

I love the first and the second one.

Thanks everyone! :buddy:

I actually forgot about this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

That piss bomb is amazing.