Extremely Mini Team Fortress 2 Compilation ( Now even more compact! )

All Images are ‘Edited’ in Garry’s Mod

Tools Used:
-Colour Mod
-Super DoF
-Fog Override
-Light Volumes

  • 1 Light Bulb
  • 1 Lamp

Now let’s start with my favourite!




I was going to wait 'till I had at least four images, but I’m posting them anyways. Because I can. :smiley:

So yeah, C&C please.


There are all good.

Nicely done.

Pyro somehow looks adorable wearing that helmet. Combined with the unthreatening color and look of the Flare Gun, shklee looks like a child.

I could never get the light volumes to work for me.
How do you operate it?

They look great, they only problem is that the third is boring. Everything else is awesome.

third isnt boring at all? its sad and dramatic, for our fallen team mate

Freakin amazing.
Lighting on the last is superb!

Very good quality.

I think you could turn up AA.

I knew I wasn’t the only one to notice it!

My AA only goes up to 4X, Do you know anyway of making it go to 6X?

I have an ATI HD Radeon 3400 Series (Even thought I think it’s a 3460 or something like that, it’s so low because I DL’d a Driver for it, and it was the closest I could get) If there is anything, Anything you could do to help me, it would be greatly appreciated.


It works with the ‘Light’ tool, and you have to turn it on in the Post Processing Menu, and make sure that the distance is high, so that you can actually notice the difference, and when you look at the light, you should be able to tell what it does.


Thanks Everyone

Rated informative.

The pictures are great! Keep up the good work!

Heavy is the new Bill

Clipping on the sniper with the pocket.

But nice.

I know, It sucks. :frowning:

But I couln’t do anything about it, I didn’t want him to be stiff as a post.

Ya know?

i like the first and the third

second is the best